Pretty V Neck Tulle Wedding Dress Ideas For 2019 44
Pretty V Neck Tulle Wedding Dress Ideas For 2019 44

20+ Pretty V Neck Tulle Wedding Dress Ideas For 2019

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The white dress
Actually, back in the day, a wedding dress was just as likely to be black or blue or yellow. Because a wedding dress was usually your best dress, your Sunday best, maybe even your only other dress. Ironically, it was the woman that spent most of her life in black, Queen Victoria, who started the trend for white, with her own wedding dress back in 1840. Of course now, once again, every hue from the most shocking of scarlets to the deepest midnight is acceptable for a wedding dress – and that’s if it’s a dress at all. (There was an awful lot of about pants suits in the 70’s.)

A nice day for a white wedding – Pre 1910
Well, when I say white, I mean more like ivory really. Because most of the dresses were made of silk, and silk couldn’t survive the harsh chemicals and techniques they used. The shape was all about the confining corset. With high waists and high necks, the wedding dress was the height of propriety and virgin chic. Long sleeves were also expected – bare arms were not allowed in church. (Today, the same rules apply in Westminster Abbey, which is why every royal bride has kept them covered – including most recently Kate.)

At a glance:
Icon: Queen Victoria
Features: Corset, bustles
Details: Pearls, wax flower tiaras
A glimpse of silk stocking – The twenties dress

It’s just after the 1st world war and things have changed. Women are more independent. They had to be; there are fewer men. Women could smoke, drink and Charleston the night away. Goodbye corset. Hello Jazz hands. The delicious Lanvin and delectable Coco start doing their thing. Waistlines and necklines drop. But the hemlines of bejewelled and heavily beaded wedding dresses were raised to risqué levels (just below the knee). Trains cascaded from the shoulders or court and cathedral length veils billowed and fluttered around their brides.

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