Flawless Makeup Ideas For Date 48
Flawless Makeup Ideas For Date 48

20+ Flawless Makeup Ideas For Date

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Nothing lasts forever they say, and makeup and other forms of cosmetics are no exception. After extracting some use from makeup, there comes a time when you will have to let go. Many people have different opinions as to when is the best time to throw makeup away. For some people, they just use it until it is all gone, while some people keep it for months or years without thinking twice about consequences. However, below are some tips and guidelines on the best practices when it comes to disposing off your makeup.

For some the ideal time it 3 months. Once you have used it for three months then it is about time you changed it. When it comes to the three month debate, a good rule of thumb is to carefully inspect the makeup, if there are any black spots on it which might suggest mold, get rid of it. This could potentially be harmful to your health.

Another school of thought suggests you keep using your makeup until it starts to lose its original texture and the color begins to fade. When it comes to things like eyeliner and mascara, the ideal situation is to let go when they run dry. Do not add any kind of liquid and shake things up to extend its life; just not healthy.
It’s a good idea to go through your stash of makeup and throw some away after carefully inspecting them. We usually have favorites which we use most of the time and the other ones are then left alone, maybe after one or two uses. Your inclination might be that since you haven’t used it much, it should still be in good condition. Liquids and powders will usually start to clump up indicating it’s time to throw them away.

Pay attention to what is usually written on the back of the makeup as the aspiration date. It will usually look like this 6M, 12M, 24M or whenever. These mean good for 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. The issue with this is that not everybody makes a note of when the product was purchased or how long it has been sitting in the store before you got it. If it gives you a specific date like month and year, then very good, if not, you would have to go with the above mentioned tips.

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