Lovely Crop Top Outfits For Every Season 56
Lovely Crop Top Outfits For Every Season 56

30+ Lovely Crop Top Outfits For Every Season

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Summer is a contradictory season for many women. Sometimes we want to wear some sexy clothes, but sometimes we are not so confident about our body shape. Want to show your abdomen confidently? Don’t worry! Here are some tips about crop tops to make your body proportion and lines perfect! Keep the following key words in mind:

Key words for petite girls: choose a simple style. Learn from Miroslava Duma, she is not only a fashion editor of the Russian Bazaar, but also the dressing apotheosis of petite girls! Look at her dressing style and the body proportion that she shows, can you say that she is only about 1.5 meters high? Impossible! So, petite ladies, when you choose crop tops, the style should be as simple as possible like Miroslava Duma. Avoid fancy pattern and too many layers, which will make you look cumbersome.

Key words for “paper-man”: make a good use of silhouette. Many girls dream of having a skinny “match figure”. However, in real life, skinny girls find it not so easy to dress like a super model at all. Too thin and flat shape makes you seem like you have no body lines. And your shoulders will appear broad and especially strong. So “paper-man”, you need to make a good use of the silhouette of crop tops. For example, when you select a top, use the silhouette of a lotus leaf edge so that the upper body will look more abundant.

Key words for pear figures: take advantage of visual dispersion. A pear figure has a wider area between the waist and knee than others. It usually means that girls who have thick legs or fat hips. This shape needs visual dispersion to improve the body line. The best choices are crop tops of “X” design while “H” design is a very bad one. “X” contour can build a dispersed and coordinated visual effect.

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